60-Year-Old Stabs Wife To Death In Car In South Delhi

NEW DELHI:In south Delhi on Wednesday, 60-year-old Mukesh Monga’s argument with his wife inside their car had a gruesome end. Mr Monga allegedly took out a knife, stabbed her repeatedly, slashed her neck and even tried to behead her before running away.

Manju Monga, 58, died near a boutique in the upscale Anand Niketan area where she worked. The police said the Mongas, married for 30 years, were seen arguing by witnesses around 11.30 am. The fight erupted allegedly over a phone call that Mrs Monga received.

Horrified witnesses chased Mr Monga on the streets and caught him near a prominent school, where a security guard called the police.

The couple stayed in Hari Nagar in west Delhi with their daughter, 30, and son, a year younger.

“The family is in a state of shock and we haven’t been able to question them in detail. The accused, however, claimed that he was angered by his wife’s reply when he asked her who was on the phone,” a police officer said.

Mr Monga has reportedly told the police that he was upset with his wife for being too friendly with another man and speaking to him on the phone in his presence.

The family’s neighbours have alleged that Mr Monga was a heavy drinker and the couple fought constantly.

Mr Monga would also physically assault his wife, the police said.

He worked at his sister’s music school as a guitar instructor and didn’t earn much.

Their children have reportedly told the police that the household ran on Mrs Monga’s income.

Mr Monga had not been home for a day and suddenly arrived on Wednesday morning to drop his wife at her boutique.

The police are investigating whether he planned the murder or did it in a fit of rage.

That he had a knife in the car raises suspicion that he had planned it, an officer said.