60 students terminated by IIT Kanpur for poor performance

Kanpur: Sixty students have got terminated by IIT Kanpur for not performing well in courses despite the warning by Institute. Forty-six undergraduate students, eight postgraduates and six research scholars were among the terminated. A few of them are in their final year.

Dr Neeraj Misra, Dean of the Academics said the termination is a normal and lawful practice. Weak students were given opportunities for improving their performance. In case, they failed to make any improvement, the action is taken against them, reports HT.

The students were also given an opportunity for mercy appeal. But no modification through mercy appeal was given to the very weak students.

The Institute has reportedly taken the necessary steps to ensure that the students don’t take any extreme steps as a result of their termination. The administration has also informed the parents and the guardians of the students about their termination, as per the sources.