54 students from Darbhanga Medical College fined for ragging

Patna: At least 54 students of girls’ hostel in Darbhanga Medical College have been fined Rs 25,000 each for allegedly ragging their juniors.
The incident came to light after a first-year student studying in the college reported about the incident to the Medical Council of India (MCI).
“The monetary fine ranges from Rs 25,000 to one lakh. We have imposed minimum fine of Rs 25000 on entire batch with the deadline of 25 November. Those who don’t oblige will be suspended for six months,” said Nodal Officer, Anti-ragging committee Radharaman Prasad Singh.
The fined Darbhanga students include both first-year and second-year students.
While the seniors have been fined for their alleged involvement in ragging, the juniors have been financially punished for refusing to identify their tormentors.
The victim went to the MCI directly instead of complaining to the college authority.
No complaint has been filed against students to the police authorities.
However, the police authorities are keeping their eyes and are constantly monitoring the situation near the college.
This is not the first time that a ragging incident has been reported from the college.(ANI)