514 Cr. accumulated in Jan Dhan accounts in Telangana

Hyderabad: In just 22 days post demonetisation 514 Cr have been deposited in Jan Dhan accounts. There are 23 lakh such accounts which have zero balance. Since PM Modi announced the demonetisation exercise sudden surge happen in Jan Dhan accounts.

The accumulation of 514 Cr in just 22 days has raised doubts. There are surely reasons to believe that these accounts have been misused by black money holders. There is something fishy that needs to be probed. RBI has sought details regarding the amount deposited in Jan Dhan accounts.

Jan Dhan accounts are bank accounts originally opened for the unbanked poor under Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s flagship scheme to promote financial inclusion in the country. Telangana has a total of 83 lakh Jan Dhan accounts. By November 8, 57.94 lakh Jan Dhan accounts had 958 Cr deposited in them where as by November 30, within 22 days the amount in the Jan Dhan accounts reached to 1472 Cr thus 514 Cr were deposited in them in 22 days. Besides that post demonetisation 60 thousand new Jan Dhan accounts were opened in the state which raised the number of Jan Dhan accounts to 1.53 lakh.