50,000 expats lost their jobs as Saudi Binladin terminate services

Dubai: Construction company Saudi Binladin Group on Friday sacked 50,000 workers and were issued permanent exit visa, Saudi newspaper al-Watan quoted unnamed sources as saying.

All 50,000 of those dismissed were foreign nationals were demanding payment of their entitlements before departing from the Kingdom.

As per Saudi gazette, many are refusing to leave the Kingdom until they receive their wages stretching back as far as four months and were protesting in front of the company’s administrative office almost daily, the paper furthered.

According to its LinkedIn page, Binladin has employed 200,000 over the past decade.

Like other construction companies, Binladen has also been negatively affected by the slump in oil prices as the government cut spending in a bid to plug a budget deficit.

Six months ago, Saudi royal court suspended Binladin from participating in new government contracts over a construction crane crash incident into Mecca’s Grand Mosque that kill 107 people.

Saudi Binladen Group, the country’s biggest construction founded by the father of the late Al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden in 1931.