500-year-old Akbar’s era gold-coated Quran recovered in Mysore

A gold coated Holy Quran from emperor Akbar’s era has been recovered from a gang of antique sellers in Mysore.

The Quran recovered by the Mysore district police was almost 500 years old and has 604 pages and all pages are gold coated, according to IBNLIVE.com.

“This gang was trying to sell it for over Rs.5 crores. 10 persons have been arrested in this connection and have been charged for various offences,” said Mysore district SP Abhinav Khare.
According to him the gang leader Sanath had the Quran. The gang members used to show the pictures of the gold coated Quran to prospective buyers on their mobile phones.

When the police came to know about it, they got the authenticity of this Quran coated with gold verified by the historians and Islamic intellectuals.

On August 10, police had sent a decoy to trap the sellers at Hosa Agrahara near KR Nagara, the gang was caught red handed.

According to renowned historian and former vice chancellor Prof. Sheikh Ali, the Holy Quran is older than an ancient version which he had seen at a museum in Turkey. As per his opinion, it was written between 1050 AD and 1605 AD.