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About 500 and Balkan and Russian men with families join ISIS

About 500 and Balkan and Russian men with families  join ISIS

In an adverse situation Balkan Peninsula or Balkan is experiencing high increase in its people advancing towards Iraq and Syria for joining ISIL.

Soufan Group, an Intelligence Agency estimated that around 200 to 900 Bosnian Nationals are serving ISIL.

ISIL released a 20 minute video on June 2015 for recruiting fighters, the video “Honour is in Jihad” focused at encouraging Balkans to proceed toward Iraq and Syria.

“Bring our people out from darkness to light” were the words of a fighter identified as “Abu Jihad Al Bosni” in his video. AJAB also featured fighters from Bosnia, Albania and Kosovo who got recruited and were serving ISIL.

Erwan Fouere, a senior research fellow at The Centre for European Policy Studies, shares that the Balkan Security Institutions have made their maximum efforts to slow down the recruitments but it’s not at all enough.

He further added that the problem is that the institutions of state are weak and the parliaments are not functioning as they are supposed to do.

“The supervisory roles to prevent the proceedings of Bosnian’s to Iraq and Syria are not strong enough” said Erwan Fouere.

“Government, State Security Forces, Religious Community leaders, and the public should work together to stop the flow of Bosnian to join Iraq and Syria” says Imam Ahmed Hrustanovic who is an Imam of a masjid in Sebrenica.

“To stop this ideology, we need to first understand the context it spreads in, how people are recruited in it and what kind of indivisual recruiters are targeting” said Kovac to Al Jazeera.

Kovac further added “We need to understand, how we can tackle it and protect those people, predominantly young and underprivileged, who are exposed to the ideology.