50-year-old grandmother gives birth to baby boy

Washington: Michele Hall, proud grandmother of two youngsters, got the surprise of her life in October when she learned that she was 26-weeks pregnant. This was despite two doctors informing her a year earlier that she was in menopause.

The resident of Naples, Florida did not suffer morning sickness or weight gain and the few aches and pains she experienced, she thought they were caused by either menopause or lupus, reported CNN.

However, driven by curiosity, she decided to buy a pregnancy test and was stunned to find out she was expecting a baby with her 47-year-old husband, Jerry.

CNN cited an interview Hall gave Naples Daily News where she said, “Everyone was in shock,” to which Jerry added, “Definitely in shock.”

Dr. Thomas Beckett, who looked after Hall said that the latter was the oldest pregnant patient he’s had in his 30 years of practicing medicine.

While Hall was worried for the baby, with her age and other medical conditions, her doctors knew she would have to deliver early and via C-section, because the longer she carried the baby, the greater the chance of her having a seizure or heart problems.

Thankfully, the last two months of pregnancy went well, and on December 27, doctors conducted the scheduled C-section, thinking the baby was around 37 weeks.

However, they discovered he was just around 34 or 35 weeks. Despite being mostly healthy, the baby remained in the newborn intensive care unit for 12 days, and on January 7, they were able to take their baby home. Michele and Jerry named him Greyson.

Hall made sure her fallopian tubes were removed after the C-section to guarantee no other unplanned pregnancies.