50 IIT alumni quit jobs to form party to fight for lower caste people

New Delhi: Amidst growing injustice and inequality towards weaker sections of society, as many as 50 alumni from the Indian Institute of Technology have quit their successful jobs in order to form a political party that would stand against the societies inequalities.

The new party would be called Bahujan Azad party and the members are now awaiting the approval of Election commission but it has no plans to contest for the upcoming 2019 Lok Sabha elections.

“We will begin with contesting the 2020 Bihar Assembly elections and then aim for the next Lok sabha polls,” said a 2015 IIT Delhi graduate Naveen Kumar.

The weaker sections of the society such as SC, ST and OBC have never received the adequate rightful education and employment and this is the main reason this new party is being formed.
The group will mostly include people from the SC, ST, OBC communities.