50 dogs burnt alive in TN: Animal Rights activist vows to get culprits arrested

New Delhi : Animals Rights activist Gauri Maulekhi on Wednesday condemned the heart-rending incident where around 50 stray dogs were burnt alive by the residents of Keezhamur village in Tamil Nadu’s Kancheepuram district and vowed to get the culprits arrested for this absolutely abhorable act.

Maulekhi told ANI this particular incident is as sick as it can get.

“We do not have to become dogs with dogs. If an animal has killed a goat, there is a method to go about it. You cannot feed them pesticides and put kerosene on them. What kind of a jungle law are we following? This is absolutely abhorable and we are going to get these people arrested today,” she added.

Expressing disgrace over the matter, Maulekhi said there is a clear procedure laid down in law.

“These dogs have to be picked up, sterilized, vaccinated and sent back. That is the responsibility of the urban development departments. They have failed and not done anything even to uphold the Supreme Court’s orders,” she added.

As per reports, some villagers first sedated the dogs with pesticides and poured kerosene on them before setting the animals on fire.

Reportedly, few villagers were angry with the dogs as they had attacked their goats and sheep.

The incident came to light after a villager informed an animal activist P. Aswath, who ultimately brought this story to the fore.

Reportedly, the police have filed a complaint and booked four persons in connection with this case. (ANI)