50 couples tie the knot at mass wedding in Delhi

New Delhi: To send out a message against the social malpractice of dowry, 50 couples from different castes and communities, including two widows and their respective grooms, tied the knot at a mass wedding ceremony here today.

The brides and grooms, who came from different parts of Delhi and Varanasi, belonged to economically-weaker sections.

The mass marriage ceremony was organised by Inner Wheel Club of Delhi Midtown.

The organisation’s president Neena Jain said dowry was a “vexatious” issue and such marriages will send out a strong message to the society.

“It is heartwarming to see so many underprivileged girls getting a new life. The foundation has always stood against dowry. This mass marriage is to give out the message that without dowry too girls can live a happily married life,” Jain said adding that the organisation has been conducting mass marriages since last 40 years.

“It’s difficult to express the feeling during such marriage ceremonies as we feel connected like a family with all the couples. We also make sure that we fulfill our responsibilities of providing them with family planning counselling, marriage certificates, basic items for a small family so that they do not face problems in the future,” she added.