5 ways navigation applications make life easy

New Delhi [India]: Navigation applications lighten the burden that life becomes when you lose your way while driving. They save you from asking directions from random strangers, or ending up in a wrong place following the said stranger’s given direction. Millennials are fortunate enough to live in an era of technology, and use apps that make life easier.

Apps have made the solutions to all our problems accessible at the click of our fingertips, so much so that we have grown dependent on our phones. It’s like carrying your personal problem solver and assistant on small portable screen everywhere you go. Here are some benefits of navigations applications given by Rishabh Beria, Co-Founder at Airwhizz :

Convenience: A handy tool for travelling and searching, navigation applications are a blessing in disguise. From searching a great restaurant to finding a way to your dream location, these apps are literally changing the way of travel and living. These apps also allow users to contribute necessary information and mark places of importance thereby generating the most accurate description of a location. This makes it convenient for locals and visitors to any destination.

Connectivity: The biggest perk social media has provided us with is ‘connectivity’. Sharing your travel status and current location while commuting is an important facility that is not only convenient for the traveler but also their friends and family who wait at the destination and are forever concerned about the traveler’s whereabouts and safety. You can easily share your location with near and dear ones through text message or via social media. The best aspects of these applications are their easy and inexpensive availability. From Android to IOS, you will find these applications supported on all of the devices.

Expert Guidance: The aspect of accuracy in technology makes it the most reliable source of information! It seems rather logical to take directions from an automated service that is guided by satellites instead of an unsure human mind with margin for error. These apps not only provide the right location, but also guide you through the best routes possible and ensure you reach your destination without hurdles.

Time saving: Time and comfort are among the two most important pillars around which all innovations are built. ‘Time is money’ as is said and practiced in our fast-paced generation that enjoys multitasking through different innovative mediums. The gen-X and gen-Y use these apps for so varied things – from getting the current status of traffic, to locating the shortest and fastest way to reach office or a venue . They also get to know exactly how long it will take them to reach their destination.

Availability: There are several applications to help you with navigation and are usually free and easily available on all major app stores. Most smart phones these days also have automatic inbuilt application that serves the same purpose as independent navigation apps. From android to IOS, you definitely have a navigation app on your phone, just waiting to make your life easier.(ANI)