5 startups in India which every fresher would aspire to work for

New Delhi: Employees are regarded as the only key asset on which the success and growth of a company lie. And when it comes to India, Indian employees are regarded as the most efficient and brainy.

The startups have introduced a lot of change to the traditional workplace by normalizing open office plans, fun break rooms, free food and flexible schedules. To lure and sustain the
workforce, many startups have offered a wide range of employee benefits so that, they stick to the company.

But moving past their startup nature, they’ve started taking employee benefits a step further, offering huge internal perks.

So, here are the 5 best startups in India which every fresher would aspire to work for:


UrbanClap is a particularly interesting startup which epitomizes the gig economy, with a lakh of independent service professionals registered on its platform. The company has a unique policy of giving the employees a part of compensations in form of ESOPs which help them in keeping the employees close and satisfied. Moreover, this also enables them to be the part of decision making and hence experience a feeling of belongingness.


HubSpot is a developer and marketer of software products for inbound marketing and sales. Its products and services aim to provide tools for social media marketing, content management, web analytics and search engine optimization. The company offers no shortage of unique employee perks. They give workers one month paid leave once they reach their five-year anniversary with the company and free subscriptions to the Kindle Books program.


Salebhai.com is an e-commerce marketplace that enables consumers to order a range of specialties directly from their hometowns and discover regional specialties from across India. Apart from providing all the exquisite they are also committed to giving flexible work options to its employees, as it hires ex-army personnel and their families. Female employees at Salebhai.com are allowed to work at home from anywhere in the country depending on the posting of their husbands in the army. Quite a few shares of Salebhai’s workforce belong to retired army professional. While the main office is in Ahmadabad, around 27 employees in the marketing, business development, and content and communications teamwork from across India.


GoWork is world’s largest co-collaborative co-working campus. Apart from being a pet-friendly campus, GoWork caters to all the needs of millennial who work out of its space. It provides unique offerings like authentic Arabica coffee, herbal waters, vegan food and innovative amenities like gymnasium, spa, gaming courts, Art of Living sessions, urban sleeping pods with built-in TVs and dock fewer bicycles and shuttle service to the last mile metro station.


Uplodefoodie is a SaaS-based solutions provider that caters to the Food & Beverage industry. They have multiple ways to encourage and maintain better work culture. They have tied up with travel planners to motivate their team for availing breaks with their friend and families. On special occasions they also arrange lite meetings in appreciations for their kids and loved ones, to maintain harmony and work-life balance. (ANI)