Here are 5 reasons to why your next trip must be to Kamchatka!

New Delhi: : In a world so replete with options, why bother visiting Kamchatka in far-east Russia? Here are five solid reasons by Jayanth Sharma, co founder and CEO, Toehold, for your visit:


Kamchatka is an isolated geographical spectacle. In today’s world, where almost every corner of Earth is explored by the groping human hand, finding an uncivilised land is rather a miracle. Kamchatka is one such peninsula that’s not been tamed: so much so that it isn’t even connected by man-made roads! The only way you can reach it is by helicopter. All of which means it’s about as remote as it gets.


The fact that there are no roads nor permanent civilization, presents a fair idea about how adventurous your visit to Kamchatka could be. The treks and volcano climbs are worth the effort, for they grant you a glimpse into the mindboggling geographical wonders and many majestic wild creatures. The marine expedition too is a highly exotic experience, and offers the opportunity to see orcas and humpback whales! In the rugged terrains of this peninsula that are hardly accessible, adventure is as unique as it can get.

Geological attractions

Kamchatka is a geologically active domain. The snow-capped peaks, the otherworldly fuming as well as dormant volcanoes, the gorgeous glaciers and geysers, the stupefying hills and meadows, and the beautiful lakes and rivers and creeks punctuate the peninsula and make Kamchatka a ferociously elegant place. And on one side is the sea where you get to see the marine apex predator, the magnificent killer whale! The lavish natural beauty is unparalleled and there’s no other place you would rather be if you were to treat yourself to magnificence that’s one of its kind.

Versatility of experiences

Not many places offer you an extravagant range of experiences and Kamchatka is one that does. The volley of experiences that will be thrown at you by this peninsula in rapid succession can be quite literally breathtaking! The experience of walking in the wilderness that’s hardly affected by human activity is a rare one today. And the marine expedition – sailing on the blue waters under the blue sky – is an experience you will cherish, which could be ethereal if you get to see the mighty whales!

Photographic productivity

Kamchatka is simply a fabulous place to photograph brown bears, particularly, Kamchatka also offers its rib-bitingly beautiful and varying landscape for stunning photography. The diverse geographical features lend themselves to be captured into strikingly beautiful images. And of course Kamchatka kindles your imagination and lets its beauty render you speechless and then on to making some art imitating its grandeur. Your receptiveness might be put to test in a place where there’s too much to take in, where beauty comes to you with all its ominous as well as fragile nuances. (ANI)