5 beauty hacks you need this holy

Holy is the favorite festival for most of the people. It also raises our concerns about the damaging effect of the otherwise lovely colors on our skin and hair. Here we are with 5 beauty hacks that will prevent your skin and hair from damage.

Hair protection:

Holi leaves behind its traces in the form of colour-damaged hair. You can protect your hair with applying coconut and olive oil which can prevent the penetration of colour and chemicals into your hair. You can also go for another option for protecting your hair and that is, overnight oiling session of soothing jojoba oil. The colour will come easily out of your hair.

Apply makeup:

Before stepping out on holi apply a layer of make up on your skin so that the chemicals in color will not damage your skin. Apply a high SPF sunscreen and follow it up with waterproof make-up. Once the day is done, pamper your skin with a multani mitti face-pack to soothe your skin.

Coat your nails to protect:

Before applying colors to others you can apply a coat of nail paint on your nails so that i would prevent your nails from being colored. You cannot move out with your holi colored nails it will be so embarrassing for you. The best way is to apply a dark shade which will look trendy and will not damage your nails too.

Moisturize your skin:

Apply moisturizing cream on your skin so that it will be easy for you to remove the colour from your skin. It is the best way to safeguard your skin from chemicals that can penetrate your skin from the Holi colors.

Use right product to cleanse off:

A wrong product can damage your skin and hair more than the chemicals. It may react with the chemical. You can go for organic shampoos and face wash. Organic products are great cleansing agents.