470 lawyers from Punjab Haryana High court seek justice into CBI Judge Loya’s death

Punjab: The death of CBI judge, HP Loya remains unsolved till this date and now nearly 470 lawyers of Punjab and Haryana high court have written to Chief Justice of Indian Dipak Misra seeking special probe by CBI or a commission or special investigation team (SIT) into Loya’s sudden death who was then hearing a matter of alleged encounter.

CBI Judge Loya was hearing a matter of the alleged staged encounter in which BJP Chief Amit Shah was accused. The hearing of the matter lead to the killing of Sohrabbuddin Sheikh in Gujarat in the year 2005.

The lawyers have sent the representations to other Supreme Court judges and also to Bombay high court’s Chief Justice.

The representation says the family’s claims about “foul play” and also as if there is any truth in it then point towards “unsecured and entrusted environment for fair and impartial dispensation of justice”.

“If the lives of judges who decide high-profile cases are not safe and it is alleged that they work under pressure and influence, the justice itself is not safe. The allegations coupled with the subsequent development is a serious blow to the confidence of laymen and also of the legal fraternity about the forum before which they plead their claim,” the representation states.

Loya was the second Judge to hear the case in 2014 where he was special CBI court’s judge. The case was transferred from Gujarat’s court by the Apex Court in 2012. It was in November 2014, Loya was reported dead, HT reported.