47 stray dogs allegedly poisoned to death in Coimbatore

Coimbatore (Tamil Nadu): Carcasses of 47 stray dogs, that were allegedly poisoned, were found on a by-pass road in Coimbatore yesterday.

The dogs from Kamatchipuram village were reportedly taken for sterilization. But three days later, they were discovered lying dead with their mouth and limbs tied, 30 kilometres from the village.

The incident angered animal rights activists who blamed the village head for the alleged killing of the dogs.

The dogs did not come back. So we became skeptical. When we raised these questions we did not get answer and after couple of days we got foul smell in the area and then we started looking around and found dead dogs with their limbs tied,? said an animal rights activist, Kalpana Vasudevan.

A police complaint has been filed against the village head in connection with the incident. Further investigation is on in the case. (ANI)