45 IS militants died after eating poisoned Iftar

July 09: At least 45 ISIS extremist died after breaking their Ramadan fast with a poisoned Iftar meal on Tuesday.

The incident took place in Mosul Iraq where a total of 145 militants have sat down for the ‘Iftar’ meal but only 100 walked away alive.

“145 ISIS elements poisoned after having breakfast collectively in the city of Mosul. 45 of them were killed as a result of that,” Said Mimousini, the spokesperson for the Kurdistan Democratic Party in Mosul.

It is not clear whether the extremist were intentionally poisoned or whether they suffered from food poisoning, said a spokeperson.

These reports from Iraqi media, which were seen by the Haaretz website, are not the first time ISIS militants have been known to be targeted by poisoned food.

In November, the Times of Iraq reported that Free Syrian army militants had infiltrated an ISIS camp, posed as cooks and poisoned their lunches. Dozens of ISIS extremist subsequently died.