4,000 ltrs of country liquor destroyed in AP’s Krishna dist

Krishna District: Krishna District Police on Monday destroyed 4,000 litres of illicitly distilled (ID) arrack (country liquor) seized here in around 400 raids. The liquor was destroyed at the district police office at Bandar Town.

These raids were lead by Krishna District Superintendent of Police (SP) Ravindranath Babu and Special Enforcement Bureau (SEB) Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP) Vakul Jindal.

“Cases are being filed related to country liquor. 4,000 litres of country liquor was caught in as many as 400 cases which are registered in SEB stations and police stations in the district. These 4,000 litres of liquor were destroyed at District Police Office at Bandar Town. This ID arrack is destroyed on the orders of SP of Krishna district,” Jindal said.

The SEB and police stations in Krishna District are continuously holding raids on country liquor units. Stern actions are being taken against those involved in such illegal activities, police said.