4 yrs of BJP-led govt: Development has become mass movement, says PM

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday hailed good governance as an all-round development for the country on the occasion of the fourth anniversary of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)-led government at the Centre.

In a series of tweets, the Prime Minister underscored that development has become a mass movement for citizens of the country in the last four years.

“On this day in 2014, we began our journey of working towards India’s transformation. Over the last four years, development has become a vibrant mass movement, with every citizen feeling involved in India’s growth trajectory. 125 crore Indians are taking India to great heights!” he tweeted.

The Prime Minister also lauded the people’s faith in the government, while adding that his government would continue to serve them with the same vigour and dedication.

“I bow to my fellow citizens for their unwavering faith in our Government. This support and affection is the biggest source of motivation and strength for the entire Government. We will continue to serve the people of India with the same vigour and dedication,” Prime Minister Modi tweeted.

In another tweet, he highlighted some of the decisions and policies are taken for building a “New India.”

“For us, it is always India First. With the best intent and complete integrity, we have taken futuristic and people-friendly decisions that are laying the foundations of a New India. #SaafNiyatSahiVikas”, Prime Minister Modi tweeted.

Meanwhile, BJP National president Amit Shah praised the party workers and the Prime Minister Modi-led government’s efforts for contributing to the public welfare.

Shah also commended the people-friendly policies and programmes taken by the Centre in the last four years to benefit the poor and disadvantaged people and farmers.

The BJP came to power on this day with a brute majority in 2014.

Prior to the 2014 general elections, Prime Minister Modi in his campaign speeches had made a slew of promises for spurring India’s development and appealed to voters to end the 10-year rule of the Congress-led United Progressive Alliance (UPA).