4 villages of Delhi have a single primary school

New Delhi: Though Delhi government has made towering claims about educational development in the state, there are 4 such villages in the state in which either there is not a single primary school or has only one school. Chandan Hulla a historical village located 4 kilometres away from Delhi Haryana Board is fortunate enough to have one primary school founded by the British government which is now run by MCD. The 800-year-old village has a population of nearly 16000 of which 75 per cent are Muslims. The inhabitants are farmers or doing any other business. The village houses 7 big masajid and two madrasas. But has only one primary school.

There is another Muslim dominated village named Kharak Revada with a population 3500 which has no primary school. Children walk for 3 km to reach the school in Chandan Hulla village. Similar is the case of Fatehpur and Chhatarpur village.

A delegation of the village met chief minister Arvind Kejriwal and apprised him about the situation.