4% reservation for Muslims case hearing in SC tomorrow

Hyderabad: The hearing of the case of 4% reservation for Muslims is scheduled for 29th February in Supreme Court. A.P. and Telangana Governments have decided to defend the case and they have commissioned the services of noted lawyers. Senior IAS Officer, Mr. P.S. Krishnan who is an expert on reservation cases has been appointed to assist the lawyers. He would help both the Governments. The Governments of A.P. and Telangana have instructed the officers of SCs welfare and BCs welfare to be present in New Delhi whereas Govt. of A.P. has instructed its Law Secretary to concentrate on the issue of reservation for one month.

Supreme Court has also clubbed 4.5% reservation case of UPA Govt. along with 4% reservation case for Muslims. In addition to this, the reservation cases of the Governments of Karnataka and Tamil Nadu have also been merged with it. Since Govt. of India is against reservations, there is an apprehension among the supporters of reservation case.

Meanwhile, Mr. Mohammed Ali Shabbeer, MLC and Leader of Opposition in Legislative Council of Telangana expressed his surprise that the Advocate General of Telangana State is the lawyer of opposition to oppose reservation in Supreme Court. He questioned the Govt. of Telangana that how can a person who is opposed to reservation hold the post of Advocate General. Govt. of Telangana should clarify this issue. He slammed the Govt. of Telangana that on one hand, Mr. KCR is making a promise to provide 12% reservation to Muslims and on the other hand he has appointed Advocate General who is against reservation policy. This clearly indicates the dual policy of the Govt. Govt. of Telangana should keep Mr. Rama Krishna Reddy, Advocate General of Telangana away from pursuing this case in Supreme Court.

It may be noted that Mr. Mohammed Ali Shabbeer was in the ministry of Congress Govt. led by Dr. YS Rajasekhara Reddy. In 2007, Mr. Mohammed Ali Shabbeer had played a key role on behalf of Govt. of A.P. in High Court and Supreme Court in connection with 4% reservations. It may be worth mentioning that right from High Court to Supreme Court, Mr. Ram Krishna Reddy pleaded the case against reservations.

-Siasat News