4 Hyderabad pilgrims, lost their way, stuck at Madina airport

Hyderabad: 3rd batch of Telangana Hajj pilgrims, comprising of 444 pilgrims, arrived at Shamsabad airport from Madina on Friday morning.

Special Officer Telangana Hajj Committee Prof. S A Shukoor greeted them at the airport. The 3rd flight was short of 6 pilgrims, out of them 4 lost their way in airport just before the flight. Thus the flight took off without them.

According to Prof. S A Shukoor, Mohammed Abdul Bari and Mohammed Momin of Hyderabad, along with their wives, set off to take a stroll in the airport premises, after reporting. However they lost their way while returning. Meanwhile flight time arrived and the plane took off without them.

When the flight landed in Hyderabad, 4 pilgrims were found missing. They were contacted on phone on which they told that they had lost their way at airport and entered into another area instead of terminal gate.

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