3500 bank accounts in A.P. and Telangana under scanner

Hyderabad: A 300 member team has been constituted under the stewardship of Director General of Income Tax, Neena Nigam. It is reported that in many bank accounts more than 1 crore rupee have been deposited after demonetization announcement made on 8th November.

Govt. has decided to collect the details of heavy deposits after 8th November. It is understood that there are 3500 such accounts in AP and Telangana in which more than 1 crore have been deposited. Govt. of India have decided to initiate investigations against the persons who have made an attempt to make their black money white.

Officials of Enforcement Directorate, CBI and Income Tax have been alerted after which those who had purchased gold, foreign currency, repaid bank loans, bought lands or invested in share market are spending sleepless night.

Authentic sources revealed that Govt. of India prepared a special software for this purpose. Review of CCTV footages is also being made. Letter have been sent to the account holders who had deposited more than Re. 1 crore in their accounts after 8th November. At the first stage investigation would be started against the account holders who had deposited less than Re. 1 crore.

–Siasat News