35-yr-old Mahboob lynched, traced in pool of blood

New Delhi: 35-year-old Mahboob was allegedly lynched by neighbours for stealing a pull cart.

As reported by Hindustan times, the incident occurred on September 11 and came to light on the morning of September 12, when his body was found in a pool of blood outside a parking lot of Kushal cinema in in Delhi’s Jahangirpuri area.

Sabiha, Mahboob’s wife accused residents of the neighbourhood of lynching.

“People took photographs and recorded videos when some men and women were beating my husband. I managed to get a video and photo and gave it to police.”

The widow of the victim submitted a photo to the police showed Mahmood tied to an electricity pole and a woman is seen pulling the rope.

The police did not arrest anyone or register a murder case in connection with the incident but recorded his death caused by negligence, alleged Sabiha.

Dismissing the allegation, the DCP (northwest) Vijay Singh said: “We have taken correct legal action.”