35 killed by Suicide bombers in Cameroon

Yaounde: At least 35 people have been killed and 65 wounded after four suicide bombers attacked a market and town on Monday in Cameroon’s far north region near the border with Nigeria.

Cameroon blamed the Nigeria based extremist group Boko Haram for the attack, saying the assailants crossed over from Nigeria, reports Washington Post.

In retaliation, Cameroon soldiers carried out raids into Nigeria from the Cameroonian town of Achigashia, and killed 17 insurgents.

Two of the suicide bombers targeted the market of the Cameroonian border town of Bodo and two others detonated explosives in town.

The suicide bombers were escorted to Cameroon by Boko Haram fighters.

Suicide bombers have killed dozens in the region in the past month.

Boko Haram militants began stepping up attacks early last year on neighboring Cameroon, Niger and Chad, countries contributing to efforts to crush Boko Haram.(ANI)