33 Telangana, AP citizens rescued from ISIS-held Iraq city return to India

New Delhi: 33 Indians who were stuck in ISIS captured Erbil in Iraq, arrived in India on Monday after being rescued by the Indian government.

Out of the 33 returnees, 32 are from Telangana and 1 from Andhra Pradesh.

The rescued claimed that they were duped by their agent with the promise of employment in Iraq, and further said that many people like them are still stranded there.

“Earlier 35 people were rescued and came back to India and this time we are 33. The agent deceived us by promising for giving jobs and took us to Iraq. More people like us are still there,” said a returnee.

They arrived at Indira Gandhi Airport (IGI) in Delhi after efforts by both state and central governments.

Earlier, 11 nurses hailing from Kerala had been safely evacuated from conflict-hit Kirkuk in Iraq.

Indian Catholic priest Father Tom Uhunnalil was abducted by ISIS last year in Yemen. Indian government is still trying very hard to get him back to India.