300 years old Holy Quran belongs to Sanjeev Kumar, rejects 1cr offer to sell

Kapurthala, Punjab: A Hindu family living in Punjab’s Kapurthala has kept the 300 years old Holy Quran safe with dignity since years.

Sanjeev Kumar Sood of Kapurthala City, resident of Mohabbatnagar, showing the unique Holy Quran says that the holy book of the Islamic religion are kept saved with full dignity.

The rare micro Holy Scripture is as small as the size of a biscuit. It is 2.5 cm long, 2 cm wide and 1 cm in thickness. 385 pages of this Holy Qur’an has 8 verses on every page. The family claims it is to be 300 years old.

Sanjeev said that the rare Quran was gifted to his grandfather Jaswant Rai Sood, a Mathematics teacher by Ministers of State of Kapurthala.

This micro Quran is kept in a steel case and had a lens (is now broken for some reason) helps in reading the holy scripture to worshipping Almighty.

Sood further added that a Sheikh from Dubai upon seeing the holy Quran said that it was very rare and unobtainable. He had even offered to take the Quran, which he turned down.

The Sheikh told them that this holy Quran is priceless heritage. Keep it save with full dignity in the green clothing,  said Sanjeev. Since than the rare micro Quran wrapped in green cloth and kept safely in locker.

After his grandfather, his father Shivdarshan Kumar Sood continuing the tradition and are now he itself will followed.