300-year-old holy book Mahabharata written in Urdu found by a Lucknow family

Lucknow: A 300-year-old holy book Mahabharata written in Urdu has been found by a Lucknow family. The script of each chapter containing an introduction in Arabic and Persian languages.

This is the first time that such an old edition of this Hindu holy book has been found. Abbas Manjul of Lucknow said that he found this book in his father’s library in Rai Barely.

His mother Shahin Akhtar revealed that the family had been preserving this book as a lucky icon for the past five generations. When he saw it, he was surprised. This book is in bad condition as some pages in the beginning are not available.

Family friend and a Kari (religious teacher), Waheed Abbas, studied the book in detail and said “Though it is not a literal translation, it has covered the details of the book in easy language in a story form.” Each chapter has been beautifully introduced by Arabic verses.

Ever since the book has been reclaimed from the library Shahin is reading it. She also feels that reading the book was far better than watching TV serials on the epic. ” Shahin said “We are getting unprecedented guests these days…and all want to take a look at this age-old book.”