300 films but Sridevi doesn’t remember giving more than one take for a shot

Mumbai: With every film and character that she plays on-screen, it’s her obsession to get it perfect at a go and that makes Sridevi believe that she is a one-take actor.
“I don’t remember doing more than one take for a film. I think the first take is best as you are spontaneous and after that it becomes a mechanical thing. I don’t believe in second take at all,” Sridevi says in an interview with PTI.
For the ‘Chaalbaaz’ actor, it is the quality of a role that is of utmost importance to her.
“I feel lucky and I have to thank my writers, directors and producers for giving me great parts to play on screen. There is good quality (work around). I don’t want to do films just because I have to do it. I am already busy at home, I enjoy being at home. I have two daughters. If there is something out of the box and good then only I do it,” Sridevi says.
The noted actor seems to be critical of her as she says she is never happy with her own work. But with her latest ‘Mom’, she knew things were going right.
“The reaction was positive during the trial of the film (‘Mom’). We knew we did not go wrong anywhere technically and story wise. I am happy seeing the audience reaction to the film and the character.
“When I look back, I think I could have done this scene or that better. I am not satisfied with my work at all. I think I could have done better. I am never satisfied,” she added.
‘Mom’ is a revenge drama portraying a mother’s valour and the length she is willing to get justice for her child.
The ‘Sadma’ actor says both as an artiste and as a mother in real life, she personally felt the rage and agony that her character Devki underwent in the film.
“The character hit me strongly. It (character) is full of emotions, it is all about emotions and feeling them. I withdraw myself as an actor from everything on the sets. I did not plan to be aloof or not talk to anybody, it (story) did not allow me to do it.
“When I am doing a role like this it, was impossible for me to be in a normal space. I hope this incident never happens with anybody. My doctor told me I was a different person during and after shooting the film.”
The film will premiere on November 18 on &Pictures channel. For Sridevi, ‘Mom’ was not just another film, it was more of an emotional experience.
“For me, whether it is a theatre or TV premiere, it is the same excitement. This film has been really close to me and my heart as a mother.”