After 30-years a Muslim youth met his mother and sister in Mumbai

Mumbai: After receiving a telephone call by CORO Program Coordinator, Mumtaz Shaik that her brother Rafiq is coming to his house located in Washi Naka in Chembore in Mumbai after 30 years. He was separated 30 years back from his family.

Last year, BBC had selected 100 influential women of the world which included Ms. Mumtaz Shaik. Her mother informed her on telephone about her missing son, she shed tears of joys. She asked her mother how she can identify her son. She told that there is a scare of surgical operation on the head of her son Rafiq who was operated upon for brain surgery when he was only 8 months old. His father Abu Baker used to talk in Malayalam and mother in Marathi. After giving birth to the child in 1983, the family shifted to Chembore in Mumbai but the father of Mumtaz left his 8 months old son, Rafiq in Kerala with his parents and went to Dubai. Later, Abu Baker married the second wife but Mumtaz was not able to see her brother since she was unable to talk in Malayalam. Mohamed Rafiq also faced the same situation. He started searching for his mother and sister. Meanwhile, they met a woman in their neighbourhood who proved to be an angel. This woman was working in a gulf country. Rafiq had also got a job in Kuwait. With the guidance of this woman, Rafiq started searching for his family which had decided in the decade of 1980. At last he was successful in getting the address of his mother. Rafiq told that his story is like that of a CID officer. It is possible that one day or the other their story would be filmed.

–Siasat News