30 shops of Nabi Khana Maulvi Akbar occupied by single person

Hyderabad: After coming to know that 30 shops of Nabi Khana Maulvi Akbar occupied by a single person, Waqf Board Chairman called and admonished all the tenants and Waqf Board officials. He said no irregularity will be tolerated in connection with Waqf properties.

He sent 3 teams of officials led by Chief Executive Officer Mannan Farooqui to get details of tenants of all the shops of Nabi Khana Maulvi Akbar. The teams will submit their reports to the Waqf Board Chairman by tomorrow. Waqf Board chairman said that all the rental agreements will be cancelled and new agreements will be prepared according to market rates. Those who oppose additional rent will be asked to vacate the shop.

It has been revealed that 30 shops are occupied by one Gulab Agarwal. He has also constructed new shops by doing partition of the existing shops. Thus nearly 100 shops are occupied by a single person. The shops which otherwise could fetch Rs. 20000 per month are taken on rent for a rent of just Rs. 200.