$30 million worth Etherium got stolen due to one word mistake in coding

New York: Due to a one-word mistake in the coding of Smart coding company Parity, hackers were able to take away $30 million in the cryptocurrency Etherium. The company on 20 July issued a security alert and asked the customers to quickly move their money into other accounts. However, the hackers took away with them the ethers worth $30 million.

Parity ranked the severity of the bug as “critical” in its public remarks, urging “any user with funds in a multi-sig wallet” move their funds to a secure address.

According to the company’s founder and CTO Gavin Wood, at least three ether addresses have been compromised as a result of the bug, reported BI.

Writing in the Parity Gitter channel, Wood said:”There is an effort by the Foundation underway to secure funds in other wallets to prevent any further compromises; they will make an announcement in their own time.”

Experts are calling this hack as the second biggest cryptocurrency heist in history. As it turns out, a group of white hat hackers saw the heist as it was happening. They realised that they couldn’t prevent the hackers, so they themselves stole around $105 million, that remained in the wallets so that the thieves couldn’t get to it. This white hat group intends to return the $105 million it’s stolen to their rightful owners.