3-yr-old Kashmiri boy Mohammed Asim successfully operated for rare heart condition

New Delhi: A Three-year-old boy from Jammu and Kashmir Mohammed Asim was suffering from a rare heart condition. A team of doctors led by Vijay Agarwal, Director and HOD, Paediatric Surgery, Fortis Memorial Research Institute at the Fortis Hospital successfully diagnosed and conducted the surgery. Mohammed Asim had a large hole in the heart. His aorta and pulmonary artery were coming out of the wrong chamber. Besides, that one of the main blood vessels was blocked below the valve.

As his oxygen concentration was mere 52 percent instead of 100 percent, the kid had turned blue. The operation was done using Double Root Translocation (DRT) surgery method which takes less time but is risky.

The doctors carried out eight-hour-long complicated surgery and restored his oxygen concentration to 100 percent by the next day.