3 new cases in Hyderabad; No action against norm-breakers

Mohammed Hussain

Hyderabad: As a result of taking precautions for granted, three residents in a 35 flat, five-story building of Dabeerpura tested positive for COVID-19.

Though the medical team, GHMC officials and police have been visiting the apartment building asking people to maintain social distancing. Yet many residents are taking such important instructions lightly. The lanes of the Dabeerpura bustle with activity with people from 6 am early in the morning till 6 pm.

Moreover, the GHMC officials informed the locals that mobile Rythu Bazars will be visiting their home to provide vegetables and even rations. Despite these conveniences being bought to these people, Dabeerpura residents were out and about on the streets.  

When the medical the team came to know that five Coronavirus suspected cases were reported in Sultanpura area of Dabeerpura, those afflicted were immediately moved to the Gandhi Hospital.

The GHMC and medical team alerted the other residents to put themselves under ‘Home Quarantine’.

Later it was learnt that among five suspects from the same family, three were detected positive for COVID-19 and two were reported negative. They too were asked to be ‘Home Quarantined.’

Surprisingly, it has been observed that no health precautions are being followed by any of the apartment’s residents and neighbours. In fact, when a siasat.com reporter visited the area to enquire about the case,  he saw that the residents are roaming on the streets and in the lanes of the area where the first three positive cases were found in the Old City.

Upon receiving this information on Sunday, a medical team and the police reached the same area saw that there is a suspect within 100 meters of the apartment.

The medical team stamping ‘Home Quarantine’ to a another state returnee at Dabeerpura on Sunday. Photo: Mohammed Hussain

Then the nodal officers asked the person about his travel histor. It was revealed that he had come from Rajasthan but didn’t have any of the COVID-19 symptoms. Due to his recent return from another state, he was directed to be ‘Home Quarantined’ for 14 days. The medical team left a stamp on his left hand that read ‘Self-Quarantine.’  

When approached, the medical officer of Urban Primary Health Care (UPHC) mentioned that amongst five suspects, two were negative and were directed to not leave their homes. The remaining three were shifted to the Gandhi Hospital. We have been creating public awareness in the area to maintain social distancing and remain at home.

Even on Monday, a large number of footfalls were seen. A 74-year-old Khaja Hameeduddin was the first Telangana resident to succumb to the death via COVID-19. Day by day, the toll is increasing in the state.

“The Muslim community should heed these calls for social distancing, take all the necessary precautions and follow the instructions given by the Telangana Government,” said Hafez Ahsan Bin Mohammed Al-Hamoomi, Khateeb of the Shahi Masjid.