3 including 2 brothers, drown in Umda Sagar Lake

In a heartrending incident occurred at the outskirts of the city at Jalpally, 3 students drowned in the Umda Sagar lake; two of them were real brothers.

According to Mailardevpally police the incident occurred at Umda Sagar, Jalpally where 14-year-old Chand Pasha, his brother 9-year-old, Sameer Pasha and their friend 14-year-old Prashant drowned in the lake.

After great effort police could retrieve their bodies. Chand Pasha and Sameer were said to be the sons of Mohammed Vali R/O Press Colony, Jalpally while Prashant was the S/O Jangaiah. The trio were the students of same government school and were also neighbours. They headed for the lake but didn’t know how to swim.

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