3 farmers dead after inhaling poisonous gas in water pipeline manhole

Aurangabad: Three persons died on Tuesday after they inhaled poisonous gas in a manhole of a pipeline being used to draw water for their crops in Chikal area of Aurangabad, a corporation official said.

“Four persons entered the manhole to check the motors which were installed to transport water from there. Three of them died due to gas in the manhole. One person is missing and the authorities are looking for him. There is no other way to escape the manhole,” Councillor Raju Shinde said.

He said that following a court order, the corporation had asked the farmers a fortnight ago to remove the motors for transporting water to their fields.”But they continue to draw water by using motors,” he told reporters.

Shinde said the farmers have been transporting water for their crops from a drainage line of Sukhna river flowing through the Chikara area of Aurangabad.

A brother of deceased Ashok Damle said, “Due to drought, water was being drawn from the drainage line. Water was not coming in the motors for the past two days. To see this, my brother entered the 15-feet deep mainline and died after inhaling poisonous gas that had collected in the manhole.”