3 die after falling on ‘chemical’ spilt on road

New Delhi: Three men died after their bike skidded and they fell on a “chemical” that had spilt on to the road, police said.

The incident took place near Mori Gate at 5.45 a.m. on Saturday.

The deceased were identified as Mahesh Chand (23), Shivam Lal (21) and Monu Sharma (22). Mahesh Chand and Shivam Lal died within hours, whereas Monu died on Monday. The three of them worked as contractual workers at the New Delhi Railway Station.

After the three victims fell on the road, they started feeling a burning sensation on their bodies due to the ‘chemical’, which is suspected to have leaked from a truck.

The policemen present at the spot told IANS, “The shoes we were wearing started burning and melting. The smell of the ‘chemical’ was not bearable and we were suffocated. We somehow saved ourselves.”

Police scanned CCTV footage and identified a truck which they suspect was carrying the substance. The footage also shows the bike of the three victims skidding.

The ‘chemical’ samples have been collected by experts and sent for testing.