2G Special Judge appointed as judge in-charge on newly constructed Rouse Avenue Court Complex

New Delhi: The Delhi High Court on Friday announced Special Judge O.P. Saini, who was exclusively dealing with 2G spectrum allocation cases, as judge in-charge of newly constructed Rouse Avenue Court Complex here.

At present, Judge Saini was hearing Aircel-Maxis deal cases against former Finance Minister P. Chidambaram and others.

According to administrative order issued on Friday, Additional Sessions Judge and Special Judge Saini will immediately control administrative functions pertaining to Rouse Avenue Court Complex.

The decision of appointing Saini as judge in-charge of the newly constructed court was taken by Delhi High Court Chief Justice Rajendra Menon and other judges of the high court.

“The Chief Justice and judges of this Court have been pleased to post O.P. Saini, Delhi Higher Judicial Services (DHJS) as Judge ln-charge, Rouse Avenue Court Complex (pending approval of the creation of the post of District & Sessions Judge-cum-Special Judge (Prevention of Corruption Act, CBI),” the administrative order said.

“O.P. Saini shall start functioning immediately along with his present duties and shall control the administrative functions pertaining to Rouse Avenue Court Complex under the supervision of the Building Maintenance and Construction Committee (BMCC)A Rouse Avenue Court Complex.”

Currently, around 20 Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) courts in national capitalA are functioning in six different court complexes. These courts are likely to be shifted to Rouse Avenue Court complex. The building is under construction and will be functional as soon as it is completed.