2700 civilians killed in Yemen, 20000 displaced – Alliance Yemeni

Sanaa: Alliance Yemeni documents the death of more than 2700 civilians and displacement of 20000 thousand others in his second case of human rights for 2016. Alliance Yemeni to monitor violations of human rights in Yemen his second annual on the status of human rights in Yemen during the past year, 2016 M. on Tuesday on the sidelines sessions session 34 Council of human rights in Geneva. Monitoring report the killing of 2737 civilians in the pan provinces including 531 children killed and 203 woman dead, out of the 1910 people were killed and pounding militia Houthi – valid for neighborhoods, residential, and hunting direct on parts fatal in the body of the victim والطلقات firearms, and the assassination executions, filter, physical, and death under torture, murder mine.

Monitoring Alliance Yemeni killed 240 civilians attacks organizations extreme like Qaeda in South Yemen assassinations by عناصرهما, in addition to the death of 26 civilians raids drones the US, the killing of 27 civilians by security authorities in the provinces of Aden وحضرموت, the killing of 208 people have registered against your unknown to each others because of chaos security and groups outside the scope of the law. Said the executive coordinator Alliance Yemeni antiseptic البذيجي in symposium held to launch this report, the Alliance Yemeni register also killed 322 civilians raids air wrong in air Arab coalition, incidence 7270 injured during the year 2016 and 5579 are claimed responsibility on the militia Houthi – valid, distributed rest on the rest of the parties. Documented Alliance Yemeni killed 288 civilians result of mine individual and anti-tank that زرعتها militia (Houthi – valid), including 60 children 16 woman, and wounded 434 others, including 58 child, 15 woman, they are all the victims of mine who زرعتها militia Houthi fit, as register Alliance killed 137 citizen result of torture والاعدامات field, filter, physical and assassination, including 12 media and activist exhibitions, political, died 45 of them under torture Morse them by the militia Houthi – valid, and died two others, under the torture Morse against them by the authorities and security of government, passed away one of them under torture Morse against him by the elements of the organization of the base and 4 died under torture of third-unknown.

Turning البذيجي to document the Alliance Yemeni in the year 2016 M., exposure 111 civilians tortured in a number of the provinces 97 civilians tortured in prisons follow the militia Houthi fit, 13 was tortured by the government authorities, and one by third-unknown. Statistics show and figures documented by Alliance Yemeni to the 12 notify me of activist and exhibitions political وعاملون in the field of humanitarian died under torture the the hands of militants militia Houthi fit. Noted coordinator Alliance Yemeni that report register arrest abduction 5092 state infringement civil and 4882 اعتقالا arbitrarily واختطافا committed militia Houthi Saleh, the number of 179 case of a violation of واعتقالا arbitrarily واختطافا committed security authorities government in areas under their control and number of 4 cases the arrest of arbitrary committed Qaeda and number of 27 state infringement واعتقالا arbitrarily hide restricted against an unknown destination. In contrast, the high number of casualties detainee والمعذبين والمخفيين forced, necessarily mean the development of places detention ومعتقلات new, it has to monitor the coalition 209 a place of detention and arrest in the year 2016 M., and 182 a place of detention استحدثتها militia Houthi – valid 24 a place استحثتها authorities, security, and 3 places detention monitored team Alliance against Qaeda, a large proportion of which are not available in which the simplest minimum requirements required by human rights treaty of بالسجين and what you must handsome him in which of health conditions وغذائية occasion. Said البذيجي the case of human rights in Yemen may have seen a deterioration مريعا in the year 2016 M., and increased fears of the case of degraded with expansion areas where armed conflict وتزايدا in rally children to foci conflict and encounters, and packing fight in schools, it has documented Alliance Yemeni recruiting more than 4960 children by the militia Houthi – valid, noted راصدي Alliance Yemeni increasing numbers of recruits children in Yemen, especially in the provinces of the North of Yemen كمحافظات dhamar Amran وصعده. Monitoring team Alliance 18915 a victim of deportation forced distributed between the militia Houthi – valid 17136 case, authorities security Aden 1779. Monitoring of the coalition 731’s decision to set the exclusion of functional, ووثق tens of the facts and received on hundreds notes to confiscate arrest salaries, within the business المقوضة authorities and institutions state committed by the authority of bidder fact militia Houthi fit dominant on a capital sana’a.

Indicate numbers to the 3371 in violation of واعتداءا on facilities public property own, and that was able to access to it, it was the most prominent and most painful bombing homes liabilities and opponents authority militia Houthi – valid, in addition to hundreds of violations and other related to the attacks on facilities, medical, educational and archaeological and property public and private committed by the number of the parties to the most prominent militia Houthi – valid, and regulations other كالقاعدة, raids aircraft unmanned American other destinations unknown. Concluded البذيجي his speech that report contains the tens testimonies وثقها monitoring group of field per proceedings of violations committed in the report stressing that there are dozens of violations that have not refer to this report the difficulty of access to it.