26/11 attacks: Mumbai decries terrorism in one voice

Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India]: On the ninth anniversary of 26/11 Mumbai terror attacks Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis, veteran actor Amitabh Bachchan came together along with other political leaders, Bollywood celebrities and attack’s survivors and in unison decried terrorism.

Remembering the sacrifice of the security personnel, who sacrificed their lives while fighting the armed terrorists, Fadnavis, here on Sunday, said, “We express our gratitude to all soldiers from central forces and Mumbai Police, who fought bravely to protect the city. I think this moment is not just to pay our gratitude, it is also to make a resolution that we will not let this happen again”.

“Such attacks can be averted if people cooperate and help the police with information on suspicious activities. These terrorists who attacked Mumbai in 2008 and also the militants who keep killing people have no ethos or principles. They are the enemies of humanity,” Fadnavis said from the Gateway of India.

Addressing the memorial event, Bachchan said, “Nine years ago on this day, the attacks to me were a ‘wake up’ call. I woke up to the fact that terror is not an ideology but an act of scaring peaceful people”.

He added that terror once unleashed it could not be stopped by debate, it could only be repulsed by a more powerful reaction.

“It’s time to rise and say no, uproot every weed from our surroundings. To understand ourselves as a collective together we should find time to debate, argument, understand each other and challenge each other and be compassionate to each other,” the actor said.

At the event, various survivors also gave their accounts of their personal triumph over terror in the years since. (ANI)