248.8 Million Households Across India; 202 mn Hindus, 31 mn Muslims

New Delhi: As many as 202.4 million households in the country belong to Hindus, 31.2 million are of Muslims and 6.3 million belong to Christians, according to the 2011 census data released here today.

The census data said that the total number of households in the country are 248.8 million of which 202.4 million are of Hindus, 31.2 million belong to Muslims, 6.3 million belong to Christians, 4.1 million of Sikhs and 1.9 million belong to Jains.

An average 5.6 persons live in a Muslim household, 5.1 persons in a Sikh household, 4.9 persons in a Hindu household, 4.8 persons in a Jain household, 4.6 persons in a Buddhist household and 4.5 persons in a Christian household.

The highest percentage of female headed households is noticed in Christian community (17.4 per cent), followed by Buddhist (15.9 per cent). The lowest percentage of female headed households is in Jain community (11.5 per cent), according to a release issued by the Registrar General and Census Commissioner of India.

Sex wise variation is highest among Hindu community (Male headed household size 4.9, female headed household size 3.8) and the least variation is seen among Sikh community (Male headed household size 5.1, female headed household size 4.6).