24 Muslim Homes torched in Madhya Pradesh

Chhipaner: About two dozen Muslim homes were torched by Hindu community in Madhya Pradesh.

The incident was reported in Madhya Pradesh after a Muslim youth eloped with a minor Rajput girl.

“If you don’t hand over the man and our girl within two hours, we will set every house on fire. If you don’t leave the village after that and try to intervene, no one will be spared’’ told the Hindu villagers. They have allegedly warned the community before setting their properties on fire.

The minor girl’s father who is a deputy sarpanch, said the girl has been missing since July 4.

The family lodged a complaint with the Police saying she fled with Shabir Ali after the girl did not return home in the evening. The girl got off her school bus somewhere saying her brother she was visiting her relative’s house.

The boy is believed to be in his 20’s. The clashes lasted for several hours on Saturday, though the community did not damage any Muslim shrines they did warn the minority community.

The couple was later found to be in Nagpur and was brought back to Nasrullaganj village on Monday.

The boy was charged with rape and kidnapping and was taken into custody.

One of the victims Quresha Bi said, “Why should the entire community be punished for the fault of one person, we asked. We said, ‘kill the accused when you find him but spare us’. But they were in no mood to listen.”

The police have so far arrested six people in connection with the case, reported the sources.