2021: For Hyderabadis, offering Namaz and securing job among top New Year resolutions

Hyderabad: Phew! As we leave behind us a year of apprehensions and uncertainties, our hopes for the ensuing year are on a high. Along with that, resolutions—plans and ideas to make the year productive—of people are also in vogue at the beginning of the year.

With the onset of the virus last year, all our lives have turned topsy-turvy. Plans remained wither unfulfilled or entirely crushed. However, 2020 offered so much to learn. We understand that it will take time to overcome the pandemic era, you can still be positive and invest your energy in making the ‘year’ as well as ‘yourself’ better by working on your goals and resolutions.

Siasat.com conducted a survey from its followers on Instagram, which revealed that people—the majority of those who belonged to Hyderabad—had diverse plans of action this year. From getting married to working towards self-development, our netizens gave us a peek into their resolution list.

Of over 150 responses, religious goals—including practicing Namaz five times a day, reading the Quran, performing Hajj, to be more inclined towards Islam— were popularly found in the resolutions. Over 20 per cent of the respondents had personal religious goals for this year.

Close behind are people with academic goals like getting a job or performing well in studies, with more than 18 per cent of the total respondents. Nearly 15 per cent of them had goals related to self-development, which included remaining positive and calm, being focused and working hard.

Other resolutions were dominated by goals relating to health, fitness, causes in line with politics and society. Being in the pandemic era, people also had resolutions related to ending COVID-19 and its vaccination.

Apart from all the above regular goals and plans, we also came across a few bizarre resolutions. For example, one user said, “removal of corona caller tune”, which started after the outbreak of pandemic to spread its awareness. “I cannot keep the resolution, don’t want one,” wrote another. The third user wrote, “To read 20,000 pages this year.” (What?)

“Sirf date badal rahi hai, ismein naya kya hai?” (Only the date is changing, what’s new in this?), questioned one user, in his survey response.

As Muslims don’t believe in celebrating the Gregorian New Year, one respondent wrote, “Made my resolution during Muharram.” Muslims across the world take Muharram as the beginning of the new year.

We also came across a few heart-touching resolutions. One social media user, who is expecting a child, wrote her resolution: “To be a good mother, expecting Alhamdulillah.” Another user wrote, “To meet an online friend in Delhi, who I met on social media during the lockdown.”

We wish all your resolutions are fulfilled this year!