2007 Ajmer Blast: Hearing adjourned till March 8

New Delhi: The hearing in the 2007 Ajmer Dargah Blasts case has been adjourned till March 8 by the National Investigation Agency (NIA) court in Jaipur.

Speaking to the media, lawyer K.C. Rana said that the decision has been taken because of the size of the case which is huge in terms of the evidences and the accused.

“The court has said that the case is extremely voluminous, there are 149 witnessed and 451 documents that have to be examined and analyzed which naturally takes time,” said Rana.

He further said that the court is expected to pronounce its judgement on March 8.

The November 10, 2007 blast in Ajmer that had taken three lives and injured seventeen was handed over to the NIA in 2011.

Hearings for the case were postponed multiple times as the witnesses made applications delaying their appearance before the court, citing threat to their lives among other reasons.

After the change of government at the Centre in 2014, the case was moved fast-track. (ANI)