2000 non-Muslim Ph.D scholars witnessed Siasat’s Iftaar party at OU

Hyderabad: Siasat Urdu Daily in collaboration with Minority Scholars and Intellectuals Forum hosted Iftaar party on the campus of Osmania University yesterday. Mr. Zaheeruddin Ali Khan, Managing Editor of Siasat Urdu Daily was the chief guest. Mr. Ch. Sudhakar, Mr. Iftekhar Husain of Faiz-e-Aam Trust, Prof. Shaukat Ali Mirza, Mr. Rizwan Husain, Dr. Rizwan Motiwala, Mr. Ali Haider, Mr. Mohammed Ghouse, Mr. Osman Shaheed, Dr. Moid Javeed, Mr. Iftekhar Ahmed, Mr. Anwar Khan, Dr. Ramana Rao and activists of Telangana Movement attended the party. More than 2000 students belonging to SCs, STs, BCs and Muslims actively participated in the party. The students of OU vowed to promote Ganga-Jamuna Civilization of Hyderabad and they raised the slogan ‘Hindu-Muslim unity zindabad’.

Free Islamic books were the greatest draw at the iftar where efforts made to clear the misconception about Islam. Free Quran with Telugu translation, Seerat-un-Nabi in Telugu and other handouts published by Mr. Hamed Mohsin of Salaam Centre. Apart from this Jamaat-e-Islami Hind had also contributed Islamic books. Book written by Maulana Kaleem Siddiqui in Telugu were also on display. The last sermon of Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) and pamphlets on the respect of parents published by Siasat draw applauds.

It may be noted that Siasat Urdu Daily in association with Faiz-e-Aam trust have been hosting Iftaar Party for the students of Osmania University for the past two years so that various misunderstandings about Islam could be eradicated among the youths. The students belonging to SCs, STs, BCs and other sections of OU applauded the efforts of Siasat Urdu Daily and Minority Scholars and Intellectuals Forum.

The presence of thousands of students belonging to various sections of the society is the evidence that the youths are engaged in promoting communal harmony.

Earlier, Mr. Anwar Khan highlighted the importance of fasting during Ramadan in his speech made in Telugu language. Mr. Sudhakar applauded the efforts of Siasat Urdu Daily and said that he is very pleased to participate in the Iftaar party. He also expressed his delight that majority of the students who are invited to the party are non-Muslims.

Mr. Osman Shaheed, Advocate told that prayers at the time of Iftaar are accepted by Allah (SWT). He expressed the need for praying to maintain communal harmony among the future generations. Mr. Mohammed Ghouse congratulated the students and the organizers for arranging Iftaar party on such a grand scale.
On behalf of Minority Scholars and Intellectuals Forum, Mr. Zaheeruddin Ali Khan, Mr. Iftekhar Husain. Mr. Osman Shaheed Advocate, Dr. Moid Javeed, Mr. Anwar Khan, Dr. Ramana Rao, Mr. Mohammed Ghouse, Mr. Mohammed Taufeeq and President of the forum, Shaik Mohammed Faheem were felicitated on this occasion. Mohammed Asghar, Mohammed Sardar, Mohammed Ayub, M.A. Samad, Mohammed Bilal, Raheem Shareef, T. Veladri, Mohammed Osman and other students made the arrangements.

–Siasat News