20-year-old killed after birthday party

Gurugram: A youth returning from a birthday party was killed by his two friends in a drunken state in Gurugram, police said on Wednesday.

Two accused, identified as Nikhil and Himanshu, stoned the victim Rahul Singh (20) to death. The incident took place just 500 meters away from the Sector 5 police station.

The victim, a resident of Dayanand colony, had gone to sector 5 on a scooty to celebrate the birthday party of his friend Monu. Besides Rahul, Monu also invited two other common friends Nikhil and Himanshu.

Verbal duel ended in murder

“They consumed liquor till 2.30 a.m. and then Nikhil and Himanshu decided to take a lift on the scooty of Rahul to return to their homes. While they are on the way, they got involved in a verbal duel with Rahul. The situation turned ugly and both Nikhil and Himanshu picked up stones from the roadside and attacked him,” said Subhash Bokan, PRO of Gurugram Police.

“The accused, after committing the crime, took the scooty of Rahul and fled to the house of Monu. They informed Monu about the incident. He initially did not believe that they had committed such a heinous crime. Monu approached the police station on Wednesday morning,” Bokan said.

“The police investigation reveals that Rahul had a criminal history. He is wanted in two murder cases in 2014 and 2016. He had personal enmity with the accused in the past which could be the reason for the murder,” he said.