2-yr-old, Rimsha Firdous leaves world speechless with her super intelligence

Hyderabad: If you are told that a 2 year and 2 months old girl can tell you the names of capital cities of 213 countries, capitals of Indian states, names of first lady doctor, first IPS officer, first lady teacher surely you won’t believe that. But for Rimsha Firdous it is in reality a child’s play. The little doll is so well-versed in general knowledge that she can as of now answer as many as 800 questions on politics, personalities, countries, states, districts and chemical elements.

Rimsha Firdous called on Siasat editor Mr. Zahid Ali Khan, at Siasat office along with her mother Asifunnisa and aunt. Asifunnisa told Mr. Zahid Ali Khan that she has brought her daughter to Hyderabad to meet Mr. Zahid Ali Khan because he has greatly encouraged talented girls irrespective of religion and community.

Rimsha Firdous resides with her mother in a small village of Bela Mandal, Adilabad district. Her name has been entered into World Book of Records, India Book of Records and Telangana Book of Records and it is hoped that she will also be entered into Guinness Book of World Records. Her father Zubair Ahmed resides in Saudi Arabia. Asifunnisa revealed that Rimsha learned the words spoken by the anchor while watching geography programmes on TV. Once when her grandmother was telling names of animals in Urdu, she told her what those animals are called in English. At that point of time Asifunnisa felt that Rimsha has been gifted with exceptional talent by the God. After this incident Rimsha’a mother started making her learn 20 new words each day which she learnt on the very day and repeated as it is the next day. This started when she was one and a half year old.

Rimsha says she wants to become an IPS officer when she grows up and serve the country. However Asifunnisa wants her daughter to become memoriser of the Holy Quran also.

Mr. Zahed Ali Khan was enchanted by the intelligence of Rimsha and extended his best wishes to her and her parents. He said that Rimsha was an asset not only for her family but also for the community and country.

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