2 rescued after under-construction building collapses in Hyderabad

Hyderabad: Two persons, including a minor boy, were rescued and a body was recovered from the debris of an under construction building that collapsed in Nanakramguda here last night.

“The lives of two have been saved and one body was recovered,” Greater Hyderabad Municipal Mayor Bonthu Ram Mohan said.

The building at Nanakramguda collapsed last night and several people were feared trapped inside the under construction structure. Rescue operations are underway since then.

“NDRF personnel along with workers of local administration are involved in the rescue operations,” the Mayor said.

He said the rescue work took time as the way to the collapsed building is narrow. More machines have arrived for the operations, he said, adding some violation of rules have been found in the construction of the building.

The victims, who were rushed to the hospital, hail from Visakhapatnam, Chattisgarh and some of them are local residents, the Mayor said.

Telangana ministers N Narsimha Reddy and P Padmarao, who supervised the operation said that the number of persons trapped inside could not be ascertained and will be known only after the debris is removed.

Telangana Home minister N Narshimha Reddy said different figures were being given on the number of persons trapped under the debri. “No body is saying exactly,” he said.

State Excise Minister T Padma Rao said the number of persons trapped would be known only after the debris are removed.

“Unless the slabs are removed, we can not say responsibly. Six slabs have fallen on one another. Neither me nor you can say… It would be known only after the slabs are removed, how many workers are there.

“Some say six persons have died and some say seven died. Nobody knows how many were there and how many killed, but truth would come out only after the slabs are lifted,” he said.

The immediate priority right now is to remove the debris and ascertaining how many were trapped, he said.

The government would act tough against those responsible for this tragedy for any violation of rules, the Excise Minister said.

Expressing anguish on the collapse of the multi-storey building, Chief Minister K Chandrashekar Rao directed ministers from the city to take care of the rescue and relief operation.

He also directed officials to take the help of NDRF personnel.