2 out of 3 men drop out of school to boost family income: Survey

New Delhi: As per a survey on Status of Education and Vocational Education India, two out of three men can’t continue with their schooling as they have to supplement household income.

The report is based on the employment and unemployment survey conducted by Ministry of Statistics during July 2011 to June 2012.
“70 percent men dropped school to supplement household income. About 27 per cent in rural areas and around 26 per cent in urban areas reported that they never attended any educational institution,” the report said.

The survey also stated that the literacy rate was 70 percent in rural areas and 86 per cent in urban areas.
“About 2.2 per cent reported to have received formal vocational training and 8.6 per cent reported to have received non-formal vocational training” said the report.

“Only 2.4 percent of the sample population under the survey had technical degrees, diplomas or certificates,” it added.